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Quality - Our #1 Concern!

Number One For A Reason

ENERGY+ is the number one name in replacement batteries for the computer industry. This is because we offer the highest quality batteries at competitive prices. To add to it, we back this up with a full guarantee, a 12 month warranty and unsurpassed customer service. To illustrate our commitment to quality the following takes you through a typical production cycle.

Begins With Quality

Each ENERGY+ battery pack begins by using the highest quality battery cells from the leading cell manufacturers. Cells are tabbed together using computer controlled resistance welders to form core packs. Added to the core packs are safety fuses, thermal breakers, circuit breakers and thermistors to insure the highest level of product safety and reliability. In the case of Lithium-ion battery packs the required protection circuit module (PCM) is added to protect against over-charge, over-discharge and short circuit.

Assembly Continues

Next, core packs are placed into injection molded plastic cases fitted with the same mating connector that is in the OEM battery. Charge electronics for smart battery packs and fuel gauge circuits are also added during this process. Battery packs are then inspected and case covers are placed on pack assemblies to ready them for closure with a sonic welder.

Precision Sonic Welding

Sonic welding is used to close the battery packs. During welding, a form fitted holding fixture prevents the bottom half of the pack from vibrating. The top half has an extra "energy bead" of plastic at the edge where it mates with the bottom. The welder concentrates a high frequency energy pulse to the top half which melts the "energy bead" and forms a strong weld.

Strict Quality Control

After sonic welding, battery packs go to the quality control department where they are subjected to a variety of form, fit, function and electrical testing. Test results are documented for future reference and analysis. Battery packs are then labeled, lot coded and date coded. Finally, items are packaged for resale and placed in pull bins waiting for your next order.

Built In Quality And Safety

1 Only the highest quality Lithium Ion (Li-ion), Nickel Cadmium(NiCd) and Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH cells are used to guarantee maximum capacity and service life.
2 Lithium Ion battery packs require the use of protection circuit module (PCM) which controls charge and discharge safety and offers additional multi-level safety protection.
3 When battery cells reach the end of charge the PCM or a temperature sensing device stops charging the battery pack.
4 A self-resetting circuit breaker protects against overcharge and accidental short circuit.
5 Battery packs with built in manually activated fuel gauges require microprocessor controlled circuits equipped with LED’s and activator switches.
6 Product labels detail part number information, cross reference information, electrical specifications, safety information and recycling information.
7 Injection molded plastic battery cases add strength, guarantee proper fit and are colored and textured to matched the computer.
8 A fail-safe device acts as a one-time current and temperature fuse in the rare event that all other safety devices in the battery pack fail.
9 Smart batteries have microprocessor circuits, which communicate valuable charge/discharge information with the computer while providing an extra level of safety.
10 Battery contacts and connectors insure proper connection, which guarantees sufficient levels of current, voltage and data transfer to and from the computer.

We have thousands of different batteries.
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