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Tesla Battery Day

Tesla held their annual Battery Day on Tuesday and showed off a new battery design for their electric cars. It's main innovation was the ability to change all of the battery simultaniously quickly without the drawbacks of current methods. 

While the details are quite technical, think of it like this: imagine loadng a large jumbo jet with people, right now everybody has to go thru the same one person at a time door. Telsa is proposing a way of, in our example, opening the entire side of the plane and loading all the rows at the same time. 

What they are doing required some innovative and yet to be fully tested and proven battery assembly techniques, but they have a lot of smart engineers so it will probabaly work as they have stated. This allows them to make much larger cylendrial batery cells, which should in theory lower the cost of battery pack assemblies. 

Will this affect your life? No, not right away anyway. This inovation, if successful, and copied by other manufactueres, looks to be mostly useful for batteries where size is not the most important consideration (i.e. not cell phones, table computers, etc) 

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