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Fedco Batteries is the USA's largest value added battery distributor serving the information technology and portable instrument industry with high quality batteries, battery packs, AC adapters and battery chargers. Established in 1975, Fedco has become one of the most respected names in the battery industry through our commitment to provide high quality products at competitive prices along with unsurpassed customer service. Major markets served include data collection, portable computer, process control, and the utility industry.



Custom battery pack assembly is one of our specialties. All battery chemistries are supported including lithium ion, lithium primary, nickel cadmium, nickel metal hydride and sealed lead acid. Our capabilities include the implementation of charge electronics, injection molded plastic cases, custom stamped contacts, smart battery electronics and fuel gauge circuits. Off the shelf and custom designed chargers are available for your lithium-ion batteries. Our in house engineering department is staffed by four graduate electrical engineers, two of whom are Registered Professional Engineers in the State of Wisconsin, who ensure that projects will be made to your specifications.




As both a manufacturer and distributor of our ENERGY+® brand of replacement power products, we warehouse an extensive inventory to ensure our customers same day delivery on even the most hard to find items. We are also an authorized distributor for major battery cell manufacturers including Energizer, EnerSys, FDK, Hawker Energy, Intec, Maxell, Panasonic, Power-Sonic, Renata, Saft, Sanyo, Ultralife and Varta. These quality products are available in both standard cells as well as custom configurations.



Our company is a charter member of the Rechargeable Battery Association (PRBA) www.prba.org, and our company CEO is a member of the PRBA Board of Directors. We are active participants of various PRBA working groups that cooperate with the US Department of Transportation (USDOT) www.dot.gov, the Battery Association of Japan (BAJ) www.baj.or.jp and other agencies to assure the safe transport of lithium and lithium ion batteries.



ISO 9001:2015: Fedco's Quality Management System complies with the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 and holds Certificate No. 16440 as well as ISO 13485:2016 Certificate No. 16885, issued by National Quality Assurance, U.S.A., an ANAB™ accredited ISO registrar.


ITAR: Fedco is a manufacturer and exporter under the International Tariff in Arms Regulations (ITAR). It is proprietary and the U.S. Department of State mandates it not to be posted on line or given freely to the public. For more information or a copy of the registration letter, please call 1-800-542-9761


We have thousands of different batteries.
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